Thursday, April 19, 2012

Great advice for creatives

On Thursday, Mathy and I had the opportunity to interview the ever-so-fabulous Mellissa, founder of vegan cupcake company Ms. Cupcake. We wanted to capture Mellissa's compelling story about how she started running her business from her bedroom to opening her own boutique in trendy Brixton, a place she refers to as her home. One of her greatest quote, 'Make sure you handpick the people who are going to support you and your venture', deeply resonated. I will say no more, the interview will be up on Mathy's blog, 'Wha' the job is this' so make sure to tune in next week!
In alignment with our inspirational chat with Mellissa, I stumbled upon this great poster on Pinterest and it is now sitting on my laptop background. Get yourself a hot beverage, have a looksy, grab your notebook, jot down some ideas, and take what you want from it. Your venture, your rules!

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