Monday, January 16, 2012

2012: healing my wounds, reclaiming my art and having FUN!

And a happy and healthy New Year to you!

Let's start the new year in style
I ended 2011 with a clear, new vision and a new motto to welcome the new year:

'If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen.'

Ain't that right? The saying implies many things at once, but it only means one thing to me. I have attempted to live by that rule so many times, in vain, and determined to make it an oath and experience the year ahead with as much boldness as one can have. But no rushing, no looking back, and no regrets. No more.

Diving in, head first

Feeling at my best when I'm doing my thing!

Delving in good old design books, perusing decrepit treasure shops, creating from scratch, taking solace in my practice, challenging myself artistically, photographing my experiences, and sharing. Processes that have been put on the back  burner have now absolute priorities, top of the list.
I'm getting tingly and excited with a self-inflected buzz that welcomes new prospects... let's get started!

My resolutions long-term plans, you ask? They are bold, fierce, forward, and grand.

Like 13-year-old Puje I want to explore, fearlessly, riding across the land of my intrepid imagination with childlike fierceness. (Tim Walker, Vogue December 2011)

Healing my wounds, reclaiming my art and having lots and lots of fun-filled moments. I've got a few tricks under my sleeves and there are new exciting projects in the making, trips to my hometown (and beyond) planned, and live performances in the books - just to start off with. The rest is brewing... 

Here's to a peaceful, productive, and prosperous new year, yes?