Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{Tuesday TIP} A tour of Paris + Tumblr adventures

I had so much fun on my little vacay in my hometown that I'm already planning my next trip! The perfect Spring weather made my trip very enjoyable as I spent some outdoorsy time taking photographs, and also capturing the essence of my family as I don't get to see them very often. I wanted raw shots, preferably when they weren't looking or weren't aware the camera was pointed at them. Hard work! What I found captivating is the little habits, the cute smiles, the frowns, the laughters, the freshness of emotions delivered in a brief moment, and the beauty of it all. A celebration of life in all its splendour. For the first time, I saw them through a different eye. We celebrated birthdays, enjoyed walks in parks, sipped delicious liquor and devoured butter-rich creamy dishes, laughed until our bellies hurt, and poured our hearts out. It was real.

Mother and daughter breaking bread

{BREAKING NEWS} I FINALLY managed to catch Les Nubians in concert! Being a hardcore fan of these two incredible women for the past 15 years or so, I couldn't believe I would finally see them live until they took the stage by storm and entertained the crowd - Nubian-style! You may want to plug your speakers in when listening to this for full Nubian effect.

Les Nubians live @New Morning, PARIS.

Tumblr advendtures

A couple of weeks ago I decided to embark upon a project over at Tumblr: the idea would be to create an online platform where I could showcase original photographs, mostly taken with my iPhone. From there was born 'Saturday zeal'. It is quite fresh and new but it is definitely worth checking and following. Updating only once a week (on Saturdays, obviously) to give me the time to build up a portfolio and share only quality content I'm able to express myself using a medium I'm getting used to again. Here's a sneak peek to get you started.

Hop on the blog and keep up with my new adventures!

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