Monday, February 3, 2014

{MONDAY MOJO} Kung Hei Fat Choy!


felt that this year hadn't started properly for me as I had been ill for quite some time and felt robbed off celebrating the arrival of 2014. So to set the tone right and give myself a second chance (illness is gone!), a Chinese New Year dinner was organised. It was not only an opportunity for new connections and new beginnings, but also one to embrace what I love doing (amongst many other things): dinner partying. I love using my creative skills whenever I can and I love showing people a good time with delish food in lush surroundings. 

The dinner party took place in the gorgeous front room of sweet treat maker Dewbien of Bailey Ana Cakes. We co-hosted an intimate affair and invited our sister friends for an evening of festive shenanigans. I'm talking about a 3 course Chinese-style banquet with home made desserts (by her, and while we're at it can we also talk about her fortune cookies made from scratch?) and home made cocktails (by moi) - the whole shebang! What a blissfully relaxed meal we all had, I had an excellent time at last. 

The conversation was flowing and the food swiftly making its way through our palates, washed down by exotic flavoured drinks (jasmine, honey, cayenne pepper, dark rum). I stopped counting how many I had after the 3rd one!

Prosecco & pomegranate jelly shots topped with gold glitter, courtesy of the sweet treat maker...

She also blessed us with a banana and passion fruit treat with coconut & lime ice cream... Sweetness on a plate!

The affair ended naturally as guests were satisfied and all made their way home with big smiles on their faces and sweet memories. We made sure our personalised invitations communicated the whole vibe of the evening accordingly and hope they knew what they were in for...

At last the year is starting for me and I feel refreshed and ready for new beginnings. Cheers to that!

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