Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Celebrating Black History month & LGBT History month

This month celebrates two events that are very close to me: Black History month in the UK, and LGBT History month in the US. To highlight both events, I created a dessert tablescape that would feature some of the black LGBT women who have inspired me over the past few years. It was hard for me to reduce the many I have been following to only 7 women, but I'm pleased with the result. They are all very different, have contributed to my personal growth as an LGBT woman of colour, and opened me up to a plethora of  knowledge.

My monochrome design constitutes of a tablescape set on a velvet background, flourished with gorgeous bright blooms, and complemented with bite-size treats. It's a light party décor with a strong aesthetic.

I put my personal touch on everything from the design the food! Thanks to the online world I was able to create these delicious chocolate cake pops with a white chocolate coating and I'm grateful to have found Divas can cook to help me do that. I'm loving Monique's quick Youtube video tutorial, have a peruse!

To accompany my scrumptious cake pops I prepared mini vanilla milkshakes (found on one of my favourite party planner's blog, Courtney of Pizzazzerie). They are really quick and easy to make and they look yummy topped with chocolate sprinkle, a dessert table must-have! Pop them into shot glasses for a fun-filled effect (they work wonderfully at children's parties).

Beautiful Godesses Jessica Clark Audre Lorde

 The amazing Toshi Reagon, who I had the pleasure to see performing live in London this year; the fierce Isis King, whose infinite sass never ceases to amaze me; and Dee Rees, whose ground-breaking movie 'Pariah' I keep on praising.

Sumptuous cookies'n'cream cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting - a mourish treat for a successful shindig

Superwomen wordsmiths Alice Walker Staceyann Chin

It felt good to design a dessert table and getting back to doing what I love the most, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it!

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