Sunday, October 7, 2012

Columbia road flower market

Perusing around Columbia road flower market is one of my favourite activities. When creating a tablescape, I make sure to pick the most gorgeous blooms that will complete my sumptuous creation.
I don't mind the loud stall holders, or even being squished as I make my way through the jungle-like atmosphere. What inspires me to make the trek from south London  is the loveliness of being surrounded by fresh scents, arrays of colours, pretty fluffy dogs, one-of-a-kind shops, the smell of Monmouth coffee floating around, and the charming traders who will always try their best to get me a good deal!

I carefully selected a bunch of white Hydrangea flowers, white roses, and white carnations that will complement my design perfectly by adding a slight contrast to my monochrome design.

The design process can be fairly pricey but if you catch up on the market at around 3pm, you'll go home with more than you've bargained for!

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