Friday, May 31, 2013

{Friday finds} 3 things I loved this week

It's Friday finds, folks! It's been a rather eventful week so it's time to unwind and ease up into the week end. The mood is palpable as we've been hit with serious weather woes so I've selected a few links that will revive our spirits.

<3 If you are on Instagram, you couldn't have missed the buzz around the 'A Beautiful Mess' app. You just couldn't! It's a lot of fun, very easy to use, and only cost a mere £0.69 from the iTunes store. There are some pretty cool designs to play with... Thumbs up!

<3 Hop on Preston Bailey's blog to infuse Kathy Romero's wisdom. 5 paths to happiness was a helpful tool this week. We all go through hardships, personal & professionals, that are hard to come by but the key to most emotional mishap is to transform negative energy into positive thinking. I've read a lot on the subject of happiness which doesn't always hit the spot but this came at a handy time. Easier said than done, yes, I'm working on that myself and these particular words resonates a lot:
Live Your Own Dream
We all want to be better. We all want to be loved, and we all want to be recognized. These are all natural attributes of the human condition. But when we don’t feel these things are happening soon enough, we tend to let our imaginations go wild. This often results in our getting sidetracked. We become so focused on their next step and what they are doing that we forget ours. Be patient and learn to allow your own story to unfold.  Things tend to happen when they are supposed to.
I hope it works for you too!
<3Dietlind Wolf has been my absolute favourite artist to follow and enjoy this week. Thanks to the magic of Pinterest, I spotted Dietlind's work and I've been drooling over it until unreasonable hours of the night. She has a very sharp eye and her photography skills are worth having a good look at.
colour concept + styling: Dietling Wolf/photo: Torsten Suedfels
<3 Don't forget to check out 'Saturday Zeal', my Tumblr adventure, tomorrow! <3


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