Monday, June 17, 2013

{MONDAY MOJO} On set with Latoya Stash + Tendai Pottinger

It's Monday already! This week end flew by but was crafted with some fabulous events.
On last Saturday's photo shoot, I had the pleasure of collaborating with an old friend, Latoya Stash; and also work with a great filmmaker, Tendai Pottinger, who did an amazing job with the videography for a studio dance session.

Latoya is a talented dancer and working with her was truly a pleasure. We worked together to get the most out of her dance moves and I also managed to get some beautiful shots when she wasn't paying attention to the camera. As the day unfolded, I was able to capture a more relaxed and confident Latoya. She was at ease and her beauty shone through her poise as her movements became sharper, lighter, and more gracious. What a beautiful subject she was! The dance session was completely freestyled to let Latoya express herself with no boundaries. I really enjoyed watching her unleash her creative flow and the complete freedom it brought her.

 Capturing Tendai while filming with Latoya in the background - possibly one of my favourite moments.

 Sensuality & allure.


I had an amazing day ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the work we were creating! For this shoot I mainly used a Canon 85mm 1:8 lens (courtesy of Tendai!), and a Sigma 18-200mm lens which gave me the flexibility I wanted with the technical features I needed - a superb combo for impeccable work.

Keep your eyes peeled for more creative collabos very soon!

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