Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{Tuesday TIP} Time off!

I had a very pleasant weekend unwinding, baking, and hanging out with friends. Monday, though, was truly blissful as I was able to make the most of my 'off' time and spend it with my favourite person: myself!

I crave solitude almost on a daily basis. My demanding profession rarely allows for those special moments spent alone and I often find myself thirsty for isolation, confinement, total peace and quiet. Those golden moments are when I feel at my happiest, when my books become my best friends and I feel comfortable in my own universe. Regroup. I'm not a loner, just a super introverted soul trying to find my way through a world of amplified social interactions.

A full on week awaits ahead and I'm really happy I got some proper ME time before the chaos. I went through my favourite design book again (The art of the party by David Stark), took the time to write a poem, and even napped like there was no tomorrow!

And breathe...

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