Monday, April 28, 2014

{MONDAY MOJO} My Easter story! (Special feature: Bailey Ana Cakes)

Last week's 4 day Easter weekend break was as sweet as the biscuits I made to celebrate the date! My weekends are getting more scarce as weddings are in high demands at the moment, so any occasions to have fun and relax at the same time is welcome with open arms. I also had the opportunity to get a proper Easter dinner this year. I'm talking steamed fish, rice & peas, veggies, mac and cheese, and, of course, a chocolate cinnamon layer cake with white chocolate cream and summer berries topped with lashings of chocolate fudge cake, courtesy of Bailey Ana Cakes - can a girl ask for more?!

So to mark the occasion, what better idea than to bake some iced Easter biscuits? I have literally been drooling over Pinterest photos of everything biscuit-y, Easter-y related (in between table designs, wedding inspiration, baking projects, style shoots, food styling, and tattoo ideas) since I had a charity event to bake for and I had wanted to make something a little different. The cake was taken care of anyway and my mission was more of an accompaniment to the vibe! And to be fair, I had been shown the fine art of biscuiteering and was ready to put my skills into practice once again.
 My charity bake sale iced biscuits for Richard House, London's first children's hospice
We quickly squeezed in a photo shoot session of the notorious cake that was so delish that I ate 2 slices! The way chocolate has its way to my heart...

I'm really enjoying to spending more time doing work I enjoy the most: creating. Immersing myself in any kind of creative activity is what liberates my mind from my daily bustle and I'm really grateful for those impromptu moments I get to explore the depths of my dexterity. 

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