Monday, June 23, 2014

{MONDAY MOJO} The chocolate diaries


If you ask me to make you a birthday cake, chances are, I won't say no. I don't consider myself a baker but I can make something decent when I put my mind into it, especially if it involves creativity!

I made this cake for a special birthday: a layered chocolate & Guinness cake with hazelnuts, finished with a chocolate ganache and chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate flakes. My take is that if balanced enough and not too heavy, one can never indulge in too much chocolate!

I adapted this recipe to my own liking and you can also add a bit of dark rum in the ganache if that's what you like! Hazelnuts can also be replaced by pretty much any nuts you feel like having, and decoration is up to the artist! In my opinion, it's a pretty delish addition to any meals or celebrations (not just because I made but because I made it!) and quite easy to bake... So go for it, why don't ya?!

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