Thursday, July 17, 2014

{Things I love Thursday} Summer cocktails!

As the weather blesses us with sun rays and high temperatures, I got excited about going back to an old skill of mine: mixology. Many moons ago I worked as a bartender and indulged in the art of making cocktails with great pleasure. I lost some of my mojo, but was still able to put my skills into practice to rustle up a little something to cool off. And since I have some liqueur hanging around, why not?! 

I made this super cool cocktail mixing Malibu mango with a dash of citrus syrup on a bed of blueberries, topped up with ginger beer and a tiny squeeze of lime juice for some zing. I anticipated that it would go down quickly so made a few in case I needed a delish! 

I would urge anyone sensible to try this recipe, a pitcher of this concoction would definitely go down well at any party! Oh, how I love summer...

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