Wednesday, February 11, 2015

{Wednesday wisdom} with the help of Desperate Housewives

I actually remembered this quote from a Desperate Housewives episode. For those who don't know, there's always a bit of wisdom from Mary-Alice at the end of each episode which leaves you with food for thoughts.
Those words resonated deeply with me and I have been thinking about my online presence a lot. I am the type of woman who always want deep connections. I am not a fan of socialising for the mere fact that I don't do small talk very well and I'm afraid to appear uninterested. I see each encounter as the beginning of a true relationship (even if the other person doesn't or it's not what always happens). That sentiment of abandonment doesn't sit right with me at all. That said, I don't think it's a bad thing at all and I do believe that as human beings we are perfectly imperfect creatures and that, too often, we choose to settle for the surface rather than go deeper into one another. I'm not going to ruminate on the impact that social media has on our interactive abilities, but it's worth pointing out that 'likes' have replaced hugs and we are OK about it.
This is the condition that draws us apart in my opinion and I am trying to work on staying away from the tech when I'm surrounded with people. My life has taken a sharp turn recently due to obsessing over what people say or do on social media rather than focusing on the important things outside of that context. Below is a quote of what I really wanted but could not express:

We need to learn how to connect again. Live our lives and talk about it with our peers first before our followers. When I lost my bank card just before Christmas I didn't reach out to my Tweeps, my girlfriend helped me out. When I had my operation and was bed-ridden I didn't ask my Instagram followers to bring me food or help me to the bathroom. When I received the news of a new job, I toasted the occasion with my best friend. When I moved houses I didn't take it to Facebook to announce it.
I love sharing my work online and be appreciated by fellow artists and creatives, some of my best conversations were even sparked from tweets I have posted. I love reading new things or looking at beautiful pictures of people doing their thing, but I'm struggling to find the right balance and not be sucked in by the virtual world.
It's time to switch off now. Understand that the person sitting in front of you is probably your biggest fan. Bask in each other's words. Gaze in each other's eyes. I have gained a lot from socialising online and I can never deny the fact that it has helped me feel more confident and open relationships, business opportunities and collabos. It has connected me to people I enjoy interacting with regularly. But it has also made me miss crucial moments and people that I can never get back.
I wouldn't disappear off of the radar for it has been a wonderful and interesting journey, and I'm thankful for all the connections I have made so far! Let's swap online convos for chats over hot cocoas, shall we?

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