Monday, October 12, 2015

{MONDAY MOJO} Weddings, weddings, weddings!

Hello, friends!

It's been a minute since I've given my little blog some TLC! It's good to be back...

I've been busy planning and setting up weddings around London, managed to get myself involved in a couple of different projects in the meantime, hopped to Paris for a few days for the greatness that is the AFROPUNK Festival, took a well-deserved holiday in Tunisia, and started a new professional venture. All and all, summer has been busy and an absolute blast for most parts.

I've planned and organised a few weddings at Tower Bridge this year (being the Venue Manager for weddings), a discovery for me as a wedding venue and a brand new opportunity to sprinkle my magic as a Wedding Planner. I couldn't really figure out what it is with this iconic venue that I liked but I took on the challenge and it's been a wonderful journey.
Tower Bridge is not only one of the most famous bridges in the world, it has this thing of completely transforming itself at night into the perfect location for sumptuous weddings.

Chinese-inspired reception setting with hand written place cards & menus
Ceremony set-up on the Walkways
From small ceremonies to large receptions, Tower Bridge has hidden gems! Primarily, it is licensed in the North Tower Lounge and half of the Walkways but event-goers can use the whole bridge if they want to -I call it the real the Tower Bridge experience. If you are lucky enough to have your wedding take place there, you'll be able to enjoy London by night atop the Walkways which boast stunning views of the city, with an added buzz with the glass floors (if you are brave enough!): it is quite simply sensational!

I have since moved on to new ventures and no longer manage weddings at Tower Bridge but it was a beautiful experience to show some of the best parts of this venue. I have learned it from every corner and showed it to clients who were wowed from start to finish, and who I had the pleasure to work with to transform their magical unions. I have toasted to special celebrations of love, ran through the many staircases to set-up beautiful receptions, and coordinated florists & staff to provide the most professional service... And I enjoyed every step of the way!

Intimate ceremony in the North Tower Lounge

I must say that I have neglected blogging altogether as Instagram & Tumblr have been the 2 platforms I've been active on to share my work. Post #WedBizHour conversations (happening every Tuesday on Twitter) with fellow industry peeps had me think about it twice. I love sharing my stories and realise that connecting takes many shapes and form, so blogging it is!

'Til the next time...

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