Friday, March 20, 2015

{Friday finds} 3 things that I loved this week

It's (finally) Friday, friends! We have been blessed with warm breezes and candy-coloured sunsets... Spring has finally arrived! the days are longer so there's plenty more time to be lurking around the web and gorge on the prettiness that fellow artists produce on a daily. I'm wrapping up the week with these 3 finds that I'm positive everyone will enjoy!

<3 Caribbean artist Brianna McCarthy has been on my favourites list for quite some time and her art mesmerises me! Her Instagram feed gives me life every day and EVERYONE should know about her and her beautiful art. Words can simply not do her justice, have a peek!

<3 'Local Milk' is a blog I have been revisiting many times as well. Not just because of Beth's impeccable style, amazing recipes, or incredible imageries, but her story got me. Go ahead and enjoy, she's got a lot to offer.

<3 As I've been spending a lot of time in bed due to illness, I've had to console myself with goodies from Bombay Duck! I mean, POLKA DOTS... need I say more? The good thing is that they are UK-based and offer a large range of items for everyone's tastes -my favourite online shop at the moment hands down!

VoilĂ ! I've also got some very exciting news coming your way very soon... Wait for it!

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