Friday, December 20, 2013

{Friday finds} 1 blog I loved this week... (and every single week!)

I've had a lot of fun browsing the web this week, something I don't do enough as my little phone device is usually my weapon of choice when it comes to surfing and I don't tend to read blog posts as much. Instagram and Pinterest literally rock my world! It's all about the visuals they say...
Well this week, after much consideration and thinking, I've decided to feature my 3 favourite blog finds. 

<3 The Candid Appetite is one my favourite blogs! 
Also probably one of the most gorgeous food blogs out there! I'm often skeptical about food blogs as my attention span is very limited and I do sometimes find them a tad boring (often not enough good quality visuals). However, Jonathan, founder of The Candid Appetite, has got my full attention at every single of his creations! The guy is an actual genius and manages to capture his prowessed baked goodies  with such beauty and sharpness I can't seem to stay away. Check for yourself... One of his latest posts is about this gorgeous Strawberry Shortcake, need I say more?

Find out more about Jonathan and his blog:
Instagram: @Jonjon33

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