Tuesday, December 17, 2013

{Tuesday TIP} Lusting over LesBInTheKitchen

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with the lovely Aarum from LesBInTheKitchen. If you don't know Aarum, she's a gorgeous ball of super energetic vibes who can rustle up the tastiest American-style dishes! Thanks to the magic of Skype, we entered a world of creativity and storytelling and through her eyes, I was able to catch a glimpse of her own creative mind - it didn't fail to impress me. Now, it's widely known that I have a soft spot for sister friends who are doing it, but her story was so passionately told that it had to be shared.

Her tag line? 'Just a person who loves to cook / Self taught'

I stumbled upon the lady via the channels of Instagram (don't ask me how!) and I have been curious to find out about her craft and how she came up with the idea of LesBInTheKitchen - I digged deep! Through Aarum's story, I saw a woman who is fiercely committed to creating the most delicious and authentic dishes (with her own little twist, needless to say) - an homage to her own heritage and experience of homely Southern comfort and her family surroundings. It's as real as it can get. I listened to the deep but sweet words of a woman who wants to reach out to a wide audience and share her passion of good old home made cooking, whilst creating that same welcoming feeling amongst her audience.
Check that smile out! I'm glad we got to connect and I'll be sure to pay her a visit next time I'm in California (hint, hint!).

For more juicy food inspiration, check out Aarum's Instagram feed at LesBInTheKitchen or holla on the Twitterverse @LBITK. And a little tip... She's got an e-book coming out soon! If you're about that life, GET TO KNOW!

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